Ikan Bali is a vertical integrated seafood company controlling the product from the ocean to the table. We work with our own fisherman that have been trained in proper handling and proper respect of our seafood and our oceans. We are totally sustainable fisheries, using hook and line or harpoon only.

The European fisheries have totally fished out the 200 mile limit from Norway to North Africa, Most European fish is now caught off of Greenland, Iceland and the East Coast of Canada. Cod, Haddock, Turbot, Swordfish and Tuna all come from these waters and shipped by sea vessels or airfreight to the European markets and then from there, to European chef’s all over the world. The rest of the fish available in Europe is farm raised as in Seabass and Salmon. It is likely that a turbot caught off the coast of New Foundland, will be shipped to Paris and then find its way to a French restaurant in Beijing or Bangkok!

Our fisherman use traditional fishing methods that have little or no impact on the fishing grounds. We fish in three oceans, including the Pacific, the Indian and the Southern Ocean. Our fish is then delivered to our state of the art processing plant. It is then delivered to our international airport, just a 30 minute drive away the same day it is processed. We’re not interested in seeing our fish on a menu in Paris or New York or London! We work with limited resources so sell to a select group of limited customers, interested in fresh, sustainable fish.

Our processing plant is HACCP certified for almost of fish’s type and we do also installed ozone machine and air purifier on the processing plant to ensure our quality product.